Helping to Blend Physical & Digital Worlds Without Disrupting Church Culture

Growing Church Digitally

We are a group of Christians who are dedicated to supporting Church-Leaders embrace change through Digital-Transformation. The world is digital and the way we communicate, learn and engage has changed significantly but digital transformation can be a difficult and daunting process and comes with some big changes. We have come together to support the Church by using the gifts that God has blessed us with. We would be delighted to support you.

The World Is Digital

Digital Transformation will help resolve the growing problems of Generational-Irrelevance and declining growth and maximise the church’s effectiveness in attracting a world in need of the peace and love that only a church can provide.

Transformation Through Empowerment

With Digital Empowerment, your church will be able to reach and connect with more people, influence more communities, and support more missions. Leveraging a Digital Strategy for your church may seem like a daunting task, and it would be without someone to help you. 9Fruits will support you through the journey and help you understand your options before making any changes. This way you’ll always remain in control of the process, and its cost, while maximising its success.

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Digital is about finding the online tools that you need to be able to communicate, share, and stay connected to your community. The internet and the online world is an ideal way for the church to stay connected and influence people's lives.

Church Creative Design Services

When you make the decision to provide services 'online'​, to update your congregation or attract new church members your digital image should matter. The church culture, vibe, and experience are unrivaled physically but we must ensure we do our best to share it digitally. It's not just the way you look. The experience people have with their digital engagement also matters. Designing and planning the correct user journeys and access to content is just as important.

Design That Lasts

The church culture, vibe and experience is unrivalled physically but we must ensure we do our best to share it digitally. 9Fruits has a comprehensive collection of design services that cater for all sizes of church.

Packaged or Bespoke Websites & Design

Church Specialist Support Helpdesk

With your church being thrust into the world of technology, social media, and internet services, it's going to be no surprise that you may not have been ready to embrace this change with ease. The biggest challenge the church faces in this new digital world is having the skills to execute and the budget to obtain the skills. Our specialist helpdesk will give you access to skilled professionals with years of experience in executing within this environment at incredibly low and flexible pricing.

Taking Away Complexity

If you have trouble connecting to Zoom, problems with your technology, or even just need an extra pair of hands to complete some digital tasks then our specialist resource will be on hand to support you. Have a look at our dedicated support packages. 

Telephone & Online Helpdesk

Church Social Media Services

Managing social media is often a challenging factor for a church. With limited resources, it's very difficult to find time for everything, create fresh meaningful content, respond to engagement and you often have more important things to do. If you would like to take advantage of all the Social Media platforms to become a more digital church, but do not have enough staff, enough time, or even the knowledge on how to do it. Then our subscription would be ideal for you.​

Helping To Spread God's Word

Our simple Social Media management subscription means that we will take control of your platforms, create tailored content guided by your ministry, post, schedule respond and be your entire social media team. So you can focus on your community.

Church Social Media Management 

Church Technology Solutions

Once you make the decision to design, create, and share digital content, your technology capability can make or break any engagement. You can spend a lot of time and money building amazing content, have plans to share services online, only to have technology ruin the enjoyment and experience. Talk to us today about how you can obtain the latest technology through a variety of finance options with significantly competitive prices. Let us help bring your tech up to date.

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Get The Latest Tech

We can help you save significant budget through the procurement process and supply a huge range of new technology built exclusivity around your digital strategy requirements.

Discounted Software & Hardware

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