Christians do need to be more than just another predictable lobby group

Former Lib Dem leader Tim Farron recently said that Christians should not just be another predictable lobby group will have resonated with many people.

He's right.  We are not a single-issue people who can remain silent at some of the most serious injustices in our world today.

God calls us to 'to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God' and indeed, Christians have led movements to care for the vulnerable and to seek justice, from opposing Modern Day Slavery and supporting fairtrade, to challenging holiday hunger and seeking to care for God's creation.

I have the joy of working for the Joint Public Issues Team, which is made up of four Christian denominations – Methodist, Baptist, United Reformed Church and Church of Scotland.  We work to equip Christians to pray and act on issues of peace and justice because if God's kingdom is to come on earth as it is in heaven, we as followers of Christ must be working for that transformation.

God's kingdom coming to earth looks like a world where we welcome the stranger, where the poorest and most marginalised are at the centre, where our environment is renewed, and where all human beings can flourish and fulfil their God-given potential.

When the Domestic Abuse Bill made its way through parliament, it marked an opportunity for important policy change, which could bring greater justice and support for those experiencing domestic violence.

We encouraged Christians to write to the Bill committee calling for key changes to ensure the Bill supported all survivors. Under these proposals, we asked that those fleeing domestic violence would automatically be considered a priority need for housing, and that there would be provision for destitute migrants.

I am sorry that Mr Farron did not receive a letter from one of our members, but then again, not every church member begins letters to their MP with the words, "As a Christian...".

Tim Farron encourages Christians to have a "more holistic interest in politics" and the lives of politicians. Agreed! Through our Meet Your MP campaign, churches around the country have been doing just that. They have introduced what they are doing in the community; they have got to know their MPs personally, perhaps prayed for them and started a conversation.

And we'll be doing more of that.  For it is through encounter and relationship that we can work for a transformed world and the kingdom of God. I would encourage all Christians to find out more about how to engage with their local MP

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